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GOOD FORM! Podcast

GOOD FORM! is a podcast by designers about how designers do the work they do. There’s plenty of featured projects out there, but not a lot about how designers actually work.

We interview people at the top of their industry to people just getting started and everything in between.

Designers at any level are doing something innovative that everyone can learn from. Let’s get those ideas out there and keep pushing the boundaries.

Vellum App for Android

Ever seen an image while in some app, maybe even while surfing the web and suddenly get an explosion of ideas? So you download the image or screen cap and open it into your favorite sketch app.

What was that idea that was so great?

Stop missing opportunities of inspiration.

Our trace app takes but a swipe to bring up. Swipe over from the side to overlay a piece of trace and get that idea out.

Layers allow you to iterate these ideas, and when you’re done save everything as a layered PNG to take to your (other) favorite sketch app.

Sorry iOS, coming soon.

Have an idea for an app you just gotta have?

Leave us a suggestion, let’s collaborate!

The BIG One

Dream big they say.

Well we have no problem there.

Connecting with your peers. Students collaborating with professionals in the field. Meeting face to face with some one you just met to talk through a design problem. Sketch, everywhere.

Everyone iterating without fear.

That’s the dream.

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