Episode #4 Ced Funches on Design Culture

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THE ITERATIVE is all about fostering communication and collaboration between the different fields of design. Our GOOD FORM! podcast explores the way designers work, and gives you an inside view of how other studios are doing great work.

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Ced Funches has worked as an art director for the NBA, started a skateboarding company at 19, and self published a childeren’s book with the simple goal of making his mom and others smile.

Ced currently runs Flippo+Interactive where he helps companies brand and position themselves in order to maximize their success. He does this by not only employing great design but by also delving into the metrics and stats of his designed actions.

In this way he is able to validate his work, and show clients real time results.

In this part two of our interview with Ced we go into the culture of design and the merits of respectful criticism.


To find more information on Flippo+Interactive check out their website Flippo+Interactive and follow Ced on twitter @CedFunches.

Check out the resources mentioned in this episode at the end of this post for more information.

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Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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