Episode #2 Katie Crepeau on Metrics for Social Impact Design

Katie Crepeau via Design Affects






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Katie Crepeau is an architect living in London. She began her career as most architects do, but began to feel that something was missing in her work.

The search to fill this gap has lead Katie to meet a wide array of people searching for a way of practice which would allow them to foster a greater connection with communities as designers.

Katie has worked with Architecture for Humanity and Public Interest Design.

In addition to running her blog Design Affects, Katie was made editor at Public Interest Design.

Katie talks to us about how we can use metrics to measure the impact of our design projects. Designers now have ways of measuring our impact on complex environmental systems, and we are now looking at ways to measure our social impact.


To find more information on Design Affects check out the website and follow Katie on twitter @kapow_katie and Linkedin.

Also, be sure to look for the relaunch of Public Interest Design as the Impact Design Hub.

Check out the resources mentioned at the end of this post for more information.

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