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Why We are Launching with a Podcast

It might seem odd to start a website in tandem with a podcast.

We definitely started GOOD FORM! well before filling out our site.

THE ITERATIVE is about making connections and sparking conversations between designers over the work they do.

One classic way of doing this is picking up the phone and calling someone. We’re a little more high tech than that (and love Google Hangouts).

So while we’re chatting people up and picking their brains, let’s also record our chats and include you in the conversation.

We have already connected with designers from a diverse range of fields and career stages, and plan to meet many more.

Our hope is that GOOD FORM! will inspire you and allow you to reflect on how you practice design.

I’m sure you have some phenomenal insight into the practice of design. We want to hear from you. Leave us a comment, or send a shout out via Facebook or Twitter, and email us at bryan@theiterative.com to let us know if you want to be on the show.

If you have a suggestion for someone to interview, tell us. If you have a suggestion for a way to improve GOOD FORM! then absolutely let us know.