Designers Creating Tools for Designers

Not so long ago Bryan and Brandon were students at Iowa State University enrolled in the architecture program. While in school, They were frequently frustrating trying to get feedback from professors and colleagues during studio time. Creative work needs feedback, and getting feedback becomes much more difficult in the professional world.

That’s why Bryan and Brandon have started a new online community. It’s a community of creative individuals from all over the country who face the same issues of not being able to get the collaborative time we need in order to push work forward.

This starts at the grassroots level. We aren’t about liking pictures or pages. We are about connecting real people together with real ideas to produce real work.


Since graduating from Iowa State University Bryan has worked for Forum Phi in Aspen, Colorado on super high end residential projects and with OPN in Des Moines, Iowa working on a Fortune 500 company headquarters, and the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown.

While with these studios he has also been working for the non-profit design studio MIIM Designs doing work for UNHabitat and helping to design Accra Ghana’s first children’s park.

Say hi to Bryan on twitter @bmock


Brandon works at BNIM in Kansas City. He has crafted a role as both designer and technology specialist. He might be playing with a quadcopter or assembling a 3D printer one day and jumping in with a design team the next.

His passions are in design for performance and creating spaces for spontaneous, meaningful human interaction.

Say hi to Brandon on twitter @bwlosinski